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How to Reframe Resolutions So That You Keep Them

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With the new year approaching, and another birthday in a few days, I have really started taking stock of my life and where I want to be.  Overall all, I am pretty happy with the state of things.  I have a home, a great family that lives in it, and a career, along with a super snazzy blog where I can let some of my creative juices flow.  With all of the amazing things I have going, there are also a few areas that I need to focus.  I need to be more organized, more intentional in finances, parenting, and self care.  While I am excited about being more intentional in my life, I don’t want to make old fashioned resolutions that I will attempt for about a month and then let them die like a campfire after bedtime. After all, 80% of resolutions made in January are thrown by the wayside by February. So this year, I have no resolutions, I have solid goals.


Good grief, this is one area that most people thing I am good at.  Honestly, I am rather good at streamlining things.  I have a system for laundry, a system for prepping lunches, a system for most things, but I still don’t have time for everything that I need to fit into a day.  I think I would like to break down cleaning into a weekly and monthly list of tasks to keep myself on task and the mess from getting overwhelming.


Wow, this is probably the most important area of a family’s life other than health, but one that I am NOT good at.  I am horrible at saving, and know I spend too much.  I am going to be more intentional in the coming year about both my spending and my saving.  I am going to make a concerted effort to save money in every area I can so that I can put it into an emergency fund.  I am going to make a budget and strive to stick to it every month, and this is the year I stop using credit cards for non emergencies.  I have a feeling that my work is cut out for me.


While I feel like I do a pretty good job with my kids, there are some areas I want to focus on.  They are both old enough to begin looking at the plights and burdens of others.  It is time to start intentionally developing their sense of empathy and responsibility.  It is high time to start developing their sense of stewardship for our world, and everyone / everything that inhabits it.

hershey PA with kids

Self Care

I don’t know that any mom in the history of ever has been able to truly say that she practices enough self care.  I know I don’t.  I think half my life is spent saying “Teeny No!”  “Teeny, stop!”  “Teeny, clean that up – put that back in your pants – don’t throw things at the cat!”  Yes, I have said all of those to my newly minted 4 year old little boy in the last few weeks.  Between laundry (it never ends!!!), meal planning, cleaning, working a full time job, and keeping the kids on track, I have not taken time for myself in a long, long while.  I need to, but I have so many things that must be accomplished on a given day that I barely have time to shower.  This coming year, I am going to start doing more of what fills my pitcher.  I learned last year that you can’t pour from an empty pitcher – which I had been trying to do for years.  Now, I realize that I have to fill my pitcher before I can fill the cups of others.  My goal is to be present when I have time to spend with my children so that we are making the most of every minute I have left of their childhoods.

What goals have you set for yourself for the new year?

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  1. ” I have no resolutions, I have solid goals.” My thoughts exactly. I haven’t reached my financial goals this year, and I’m hoping to do better this 2019. Also, self-care is on top of my list. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    1. Momleficent says:

      You too! I have let too many things go for too long and it is high time I a take back some control.

  2. I love your comment about having solid goals. I think resolutions are too easy to leave behind, but goals mean (for me at least) that it’s something I care enough about to actually stick with. Your financial goals sound fantastic. It’s amazing how creating a budget and sticking to it can make a huge difference long term. Happy New Year!

    1. Momleficent says:

      That is priority number 1 for me. Goals are measurable and you can chart your progress. Resolutions are suggestions. It is time to set goals and work towards them!

  3. My goal for 2019 is to accept life as it comes and ride each wave with grace. Sounds kooky and non-directional, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my Type A, grab life by the *!&?# and shake it till it yields doesn’t work so well. I’m putting out into the universe more acceptance and cultivating a gracious, gentle spirit and demeanor.

    1. Momleficent says:

      I am guilty of the same thing. Last year was a lesson in letting go for me. Now I hope to see what beauty comes from letting go and so much change.

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