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Keeping Your Children Close When You Are Away

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Sometimes when I travel, I wonder if the kids realize how much I miss them.  I am currently on a two week research trip and have never been away from them or Papa Bear for this long – not since the day I met Papa Bear!  I am going to be fine for the first day or two, but I have a feeling it is going to go down hill fast after that.  I wanted the kids to know I was thinking about them every – single – day that I was away this time.  I know I am going to be missing them like crazy by the end of the trip.

parenting letters to my children while i am away keeping in touch bonding

I left a little surprise for Papa Bear and the tinies on our dining room table when I left – I wanted to them find it after they got home from the airport.  I am even missing mine and Papa Bear’s 12th wedding anniversary!  I know, don’t judge – I had to choose between missing my daughter’s 10th birthday or our anniversary.  No offense, Papa Bear – Tiny wins, hands down.  Don’t think I didn’t leave a few anniversary surprises for him so that he knows I am thinking about him that day as well.  I think it is going to be a big surprise for him since he thinks I am waiting until I get back for us to celebrate it.

parenting letters to my children while i am away keeping in touch bonding

I left a letter for the kids for each day I am gone.  It is sort of a Where In The World is Mommy follow along at home game, with a tiny treat for each day for all three of them.  Some are little Hershey’s Hugs or Kisses, there are a couple of gift cards so the baby sitter can order pizza delivery (yep, I put the tip in there too), some stickers, and even Pokemon cards for the obsessed tinies.  The hair dye is no joke.  Tiny wanted to color her hair, so as a special treat, I got her a light blue rinse.  How fun!  Smurfberry hair!

While this doesn’t sound like a huge thing, it is important for them to feel safe and secure, and know that this glitch in the routine is going to come to an end and everything will be back to normal soon.  Kids love routines, no matter how much they like to pretend they don’t.  It provides security – and my absence is a serious break in the routine this time.  I want them to remain as connected to me as possible – especially when I am in very remote areas where I may not be able to talk to them daily.  It makes a difference.

I can’t wait to find out if they liked it.  Leaving the letters may not do much for me, but at least the tinies are going to know I am thinking about them and feel special every day while I am away.  I have a confession – the first time I left Tiny, I was afraid she would forget me!  I know it is silly in retrospect, but don’t argue with a Momma leaving her little cub for the first time ever! She can’t be reasoned with, don’t try.  They can count the number of days until I come home, or until the rules resume, which ever you prefer to think of it as.  😊


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