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Easter Treats The Kids Will Love

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I love a good holiday. Pretty much any holiday will do – this is doubly true if I can somehow make a theme night or tea party come together for it. Seriously, this is very fun. Leading up to Easter, I love to make special treats for the kids to stick in lunch boxes or make a rainy Saturday a little more special. This year, we are making a few of my favorite treats. I am also in the process of planning a special glow in the dark egg hunt and Easter Tea for “the ladies” – Tiny’s crew and Teeny – he is an honorary lady during tea parties. Check back soon to get the scoop on how it went, and what treats we added to this little list!

Baby Chick Deviled Eggs


I have made these for the last few years so that Tiny had a treat, but she has started requesting them every year – especially if she has friends over.
 I only made a couple of these as decoration so as not to over do the deviled eggs.  Once boiled and peeled, slice a small bit off the narrow end of the egg so that it will stand on it’s own.  Using a granny knife, cut a zig zag design around the egg so that it looks like a cracked shell.  Remove top of egg and put yolk in your deviled egg mix using the recipe above.  To decorate the eggs, fill the egg with deviled yolks and place the top of the shell back on the egg, slightly askew.  Use two cloves for your little chick’s eyes and a carrot sliver or pimento triangle for his beak.  All done!  Cute as can be and very easy!

Peeps Bunny Racers

This is by far one of the most fun treats we have made in the last few years. It is super simple, requires no baking, and gets tons of “oohs” and “ahhhs” when presented. Using one twinkie, carve a “seat” from the back 1/3 of your Twinkie car. 

Use nutter butter minis, oreo minis or vanilla oreo minis as wheels – affix with white chocolate (melted) or butter cream icing.  Coat mini pretzels in white chocolate, sprinkle with rainbow nonpareils while still wet and allow to dry.  Affix the pretzel to the front of your carved area as a steering wheel.  Sit your Peep Bunny in his snazzy little roadster and one sweet treat is done!

Baby Chick Cheese Balls

I love any excuse to make a cheese ball, so this is right down my alley.  My recipe is a classic southern staple.  I don’t ever remember seeing this written down anywhere, it is just one of those recipes passed down by making it with my Maw Maw and Mother at almost every holiday and party we hosted or went to.  Take one brick of Philadelphia cream cheese and 2 shredded cheese of your choice.  I am going to use Colby jack for this cheese ball.  While you can use pre-grated cheese, I suggest grating your own.  There is a difference in the texture and flavor!  Add powdered garlic to taste, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (I always default to Lea and Perrins), and 1/8 cup each grated onion and bell pepper.  Add cayenne powder or hot sauce to taste and mix thoroughly.  Get in there with your hands and mix, squish around a bit, and really incorporate the ingredients.  This is one of those recipes that you really want to make the night before and let it sit so that the flavors blend nicely.  To finish the large ball, I typically roll it in chopped pecans.  This time, to create the chick effect, I am going to roll bite size cheese balls, then roll them in grated cheese or chopped pecans.  To make their wings, I am going to use a small circular cutter and stamp wings out of thickly sliced cheddar cheese slices.  The feet and beaks are simply cheese with orange gel food color painted on for effect.  The eyes are made from black olives.  I selected a writing tip from my decorating tip assortment in the size that I wanted for my eyes and used the tip as a cutter.  Just turn the tip over and tap it on the counter a few times or gently push through with a skewer to remove eyes.  You can easily use a plastic straw as well.  Paper ones just don’t work.  Don’t place on crackers until ready to serve.

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