Summer Bucket List Update

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It is hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly.  I am astounded that I am about to be back at work and tiny starts back to school eminently.  I am mourning the summer a bit.  I hate to see us get back into the hustle and bustle after a nice summer of playing, pool time and lounging with the kids.

family photo outside of Hershey's Chocolate World

As for the summer bucket list that Tiny and I wrote in May, we have done pretty well with accomplishing our goals.

  1. Go Camping – I really expected this one to be with the kids, but the camping I did was on Safari in South Africa. Check out that post here.  Learn more about what I was doing in South Africa and see what I did in my 24 Hours in Johannesburg.


  1. Hunt for Gem Stones – this is another one we didn’t get to do. I would still like to fit this in before Labor Day.  There are quarries in our region that allow you to go and mine for amethyst and garnet, among other things.  The summer has just been so hot that I haven’t been able to bear that long of a time in the hot sun breaking rock.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, but…


  1. Throw Pottery – I can’t believe I have let the whole summer get by me without breaking out my wheel! I have, though.  I really want to get back into throwing pottery and hand building.  I loved it some much, but having a baby got me off course.  Any one that has kids knows how that goes.  Here’s hoping that can be on our Fall Bucket List.


  1. Take a Hike – We were able to fit the hike, picnic and one of the waterfalls into a single trip – efficiency!


  1. Have A Picnic – We had a great picnic at the falls we hiked to this summer. Fried chicken, sandwiches, and brownies were just a few of our treats.  The kids loved it and really wanted to get into the creek and play after.  So fun!


  1. Go To The Beach – I am still hoping to fit this one end before Labor Day. We went to the beach last spring, but have not had a chance to visit over the summer.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Go On Vacation – We took the kids on an amazing tour of Pennsylvania. Check out our details here.  See how I manage the chaos of packing with kids here and keep the backseat battle free here.


  1. Crafts with Tiny – we have made a ton of crafts this summer – including getting a jump start on some Christmas presents, which is going to help out my budget and my sanity later on in the year.  Check out our post on planning now for a debt free holiday and see what we are making


  1. Art Summer Camp – Tiny spent two weeks in art camp this summer at our local art center. She created some really amazing art!  She liked it, but didn’t want to give up sleeping in while she was mid summer.  Overall, I am glad she went – she got some much needed interaction with children her age, and a creative outlet to explore.


  1. Hike to 3 Different Waterfalls – well, we made it to one. It was a glorious one, but only one. The hike to the falls was beautiful, but I determined that Papa Bear was going to have to go with us if we took Tiny and Teeny.


  1. Make Homemade Ice Cream – we failed. Though we did go and get ice cream a lot.  😊


  1. Color A Sidewalk Chalk Mural


  1. Make Jam – Figs!!! You either love them or hate them, and I absolutely love them. Fig preserves take me back to childhood.  I have vivid memories of spending time at my Grandmother’s house in the winter, smelling fresh baked homemade biscuits cooking, and knowing that we were going to have a ton of butter and fig preserves to slather on them.  Yum!  Oh how I loved those mornings.  I make the same figs now and they still taste like love and weekends.


  1. Plant A Garden  – We had a great salsa garden this year.  Unfortunately, the bull that kept showing up in our back yard (no, we don’t own cows) kept eating the corn and other plants, but some of our tomatoes and peppers survived.  Too bad not much else made it past him!
  1. Visit A Waterpark – Earlier in the summer, we took a short trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Columbus, Ga. This is an indoor water park and amusement resort designed for families. Check out that post here!  We had an amazing time and the kids are gaga to go back!


We didn’t get to every one of our bucket list items, but we did have an amazing summer trying to get through them all.  I am giving myself until Labor Day to finish up any other items we can fit in before I call it quits on our Summer Bucket List and start on our Fall Bucket List.

Did you accomplish all of your goals from this summer?

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