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Chicly Geeky Guide to 24 Hours in Rome!

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Rome!  What do you say about Rome?  It is breathtaking, ancient, filled with art and beauty.  I had a really long layover while traveling for work recently and absolutely couldn’t fathom spending 14 hours in any airport, but much less in Rome!  I have always wanted to go to Rome.  The cathedrals, the Vatican, the art, the architecture, all of those things make Rome a dream destination for me.  While I only got to scratch the surface, I was able to cover some ground as I made my way through! For transportation, there are a few ways you can get from Fiumicino International Airport to the city center.  There are shuttles for about 25 Euro, the train for around 20 Euro round trip, and cabs for about 50 Euro.  I would rather spend my Euro on pasta and admissions than cabs, and the public transportation in Europe is amazing, so why not?  I chose the shuttle going into town just to save some time.  I booked a ticket on the Big Bus tour for transportation purposes.  It goes by all of the major sites, so I knew I would get where I wanted to go.  Be warned, the drop off points are not always very close to the actual site as the streets are very narrow and ancient.  That being said, in order to get around efficiently without getting taken advantage of by cabbies, it is a great way to get your bearings.

what to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Rome

I was able to see the Colosseum.  I have always wanted to see the Coliseum, and it was absolutely amazing.  I have always been captivated by the concept that the Romans were able to figure out how to fill the floor of the Colosseum with water and stage recreations of epic sea battles.  Fascinating!  For those who have a love of history, this city is a dream.  It amazes me that there are buildings that are close to 2000 years old that are still standing and functional!  Just across from the Colosseum is the Forum and Palatine Hill.  The center of Roman government.

what to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Romewhat to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Romewhat to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Romewhat to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Rome

Next on the agenda was Vatican City.  This small independent country in the middle of Rome is the Mecca of Catholicism.  The residence of the Pope, home of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapple, and Vatican Museums.  The tour I took included the all three.  The museums were fascinating.  The art collection is mind blowing and is one of the best curated exhibitions I have ever seen.  The Sistine Chapple is breathtaking.  I was in awe at the detail and general scope of the paintings.  It is understandable that Michelangelo had nerve problems in his arms and back after he finished!  To see the magnificence of the whole chapel in person rather than portions in photographs.  My favorite portion of the Vatican was St. Peter’s Basilica.  The grandeur of the sanctuary is more than any I have ever seen.  The high alter is directly over the tomb of St. Peter himself.  When entering the chapels and churches in Rome, make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered if you are female.

what to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Rome

Of course I had to make stops at the Trevi fountain, throw in my coin, and explore the shops and streets around the area.  I spent most of my time at the Vatacian, but did get to see the Circus, an oval track that was used for chariot races, ancient temples and buildings, and bits and pieces of the city as I explored neighborhoods around each area.  I have got to come back and spend a couple of weeks getting oriented to this city.  While I was able to get an overview of the city and see portions, it only wet my appetite for more!

what to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Romewhat to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Romewhat to do, where to eat and where to shop in 24 hours in Rome

Dining was a hard choice!  There was an epic heat wave, so be aware if you are visiting in the summer that you run the risk of melting.  There is very little air conditioning and much of the dining is open air or outdoor.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.  You don’t want to have a better view of a hospital than the cathedrals.  I chose a small café near Vatican city just for convenience.  Oh my!  I had such a hard time deciding what to have for lunch.  I finally decided on a “pizza baby.”  Just a personal size pizza.  You can’t go to Italy and not have pizza and pasta, right?  Bistro Ave. was adorable.  Servers speak a variety of languages, so you are almost assured of having a positive dining experience.  The pizza was amazing.  Between that and the liter of water I ordered, it hit the spot and set me up perfectly to finish the day with a bang. To get back to the airport, I took the train.  It was an express train from the main terminal in Rome directly to the airport.  So easy!  You just buy your ticket at a kiosk, head to the appropriate platform, and hop on your train.  Do NOT be late, these guys do NOT wait for anything or anyone.

Back at the airport and through security, there are not many places to eat inside the terminals.  Be prepared for sandwiches and salads with little else.  The shopping is great, but the dining options are few and far between. Know that you are not going to see everything – even the major sites in depth.  If you only have one day, pick a single option to tour thoroughly and then hit the highlights for the rest.  There are so many options that you really need to do your research before you go. What are your favorite sites in Rome?

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  1. I’ve never been to Rome but it is definitely on my bucket list! And your pictures made me want to go there even quicker!

    1. I want to take my daughter next time. She would be over the moon!

  2. Sounds like quite the amazing visit, even if it was too short. I have wanted to go to Rome for a while now, and seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more!

    1. It was amazing!

  3. What a wonderful, whirlwind tour of Rome you gave us, with awesome photos of architecture, and food! Loved it!

  4. Everything looks and sounds wonderful! It\’s on my list of places to go and you\’ve made me anxious to get there!

    1. I HAVE to get back there soon. This lay over just wet my appetite for the city.

  5. Stunning Complications says:

    I\’m so jealous! 24 hours is better than 0 hours!

    1. It absolutely was. Now I am itching to go back for a week.

  6. I love this! I just wrote a blog post looking for suggestions for my first time in Rome when I stumbled across you blog. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 It looks like you had an amazing time in Rome!

    1. It was fabulous! I can\’t wait to go back and really get to explore!

  7. I want to see the Sistene Chapel, The Vatican of course and all the art galleries and museums. I must see the David. I also want to eat the chocolate and other sweets. As I am allergic to cheese (I break out in hives) I would need a cheese free pizza and pasta which is sinful in Paris. Looks like you had fun

    1. It was amazing! The Sistene Chapel was staggering in scope. I would have a fit if I were allergic to cheese! We eat way too much of it. My kids should be mice. Haha.

      1. Lol…I have several of them trust me😂😂😂 I used to eat cheese then one day I noticed I broke out everytime I had some.😞😞😞😳

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