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How To Make Your Own Snowman Grape Vine Wreath

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This post is going to cover several firsts for me.  This season marks my first blog season at the holidays (I’m excited!), my first time making a wreath from scratch – I mean literally making the grape vine wreaths, and my first multi wreath door hanger to create a sweet little snow man.  Provided you have access to some grape vine, this is such a fun and easy project, and really doesn’t require very many materials at all.  Don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss a post!

My niece came over and we both made some wreaths – me for this project, and her to decorate her college apartment.  I love to spend time with her – in fact, I consider her my first born even though I am not the one who bore her.  I probably bore her now though! Ok, bad old aunt joke, but it’s what I do.  I think the single most expensive part of this wreath was the little hat.  The total cost for the project is around $8.00 prorated for the amount of ribbon I used.  I have plenty left to add beautiful bows to my stairs this season!


1 snowman hat headband ($6.00 on sale at my local craft store)

2 grape vine wreaths – one for the head and one for the body (free!!!)

1 spool of glittery red ribbon ($5.00 for whole spool on sale at craft store)

1 length floral wire (a few cents – I used some left over from a previous project)



If you don’t have access to grape vine in your area, you can purchase the sizes you want at your local craft store.  To make each wreath, start with a length of four to 6 feet.  I like about 6 feet for my starter coils – I also like to select ones that have curly cues coming off of the vines for aesthetics.  Grasp the cut end (thickest) in your dominant hand – for me it is the right – and bring the middle of the vine up to meet it to size your wreath.

Once you are happy with your base size, begin wrapping the remainder of the vine around the circle you have just made.  As you finish one vine and begin the next, pull tightly and tuck the end of the previous vine into any little crevasse you can find.

 This makes it cleaner and helps to secure the vines.  Tuck the cut end of the next vine into a crevasse between two vines and continue to tightly wrap the vine around the larger circle.


Continue this pattern until the wreath is the thickness you want it to be.

Repeat the process above for the other wreath in your snowman.  I started with the body and then worked the head so that I would have a better match in sizing.

To assemble your snowman, use about 6 inches of your floral wire to join the body and the head.  Insert the end of the wire through gaps in the vines on the body, then loop it up to pass back through the front of the head wreath.  Do this a couple of times close together and wrap tightly (like you are tying a bread bag tie).  Continue “sewing” your head and body together until it is firmly joined.  Finish off in the same manner as you secured your first few “stitches.”

Now for the easy part!  Add your snowman’s scarf by cutting a 24 inch length of ribbon.  Tie a double knot in the ribbon and position so that glitter sides face out.  Hot glue these to the body of the snowman to secure in place.

Remove your hat from the headband and cut the felt so that the curve of the wreath can poke into the bottom of the head.  Hot glue in place.  I am saving the headband to make a fun Christmas headband for my 10 year old out of spare ornaments and picks later.

Your final step is to use the remainder of your floral wire (or lose the first one like I did and get a new second piece for this step because you can’t be trusted to remember where you put things!  No, I’m not into the egg nog yet.)  Loop the wire through gaps in the vines on your head wreath and twist to secure like you did above.  Move the sharp, twisted edges to the inside of your wreaths and hang.

This was surprisingly easy!  The wreath took a few minutes to make on its own, but the decorations were on him in less than 10 minutes!  I live in a very wooded area, so I love the natural look of my little guy, with his awesome hat and festive scarf to give him a little personality, but feel free to paint yours white.  That would also be adorable!

Drop a photo and let me see how creative you got!

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  1. I love this project!! Thank you I have never worked with grapevine wreaths so this will be fun!

    1. Momleficent says:

      I love the natural look of the vines. They were so easy to work with too!

  2. Aww…….this is a cute DIY Snowman wreath. Love the hat and the red scarf. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    1. Momleficent says:

      Thanks, and to you as well! Thanks so much!

  3. This is adorable! I don’t have mine out yet, but I’ve made something similar with three wreaths instead of two, and spray-painting them white first. They are always a cute craft that brings a smile for sure!

    1. Momleficent says:

      White would be adorable. I love the bright splash of red scarf!

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