25 Best Father’s Day Gifts You Can Find on Amazon

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Father’s Day is officially 2 weeks away, and if you are like me, you are trying to figure out what to get that little enigma you are married to for Father’s Day. Of course there will be some steaks in his future, but what to get him to show appreciation for everything he does for us? Steaks only go so far. Below are my top 25 gifts you can order from Amazon for the Dad in your life.

Gifts for the Tech Dad

The tech-y dad could be smitten with the echo buds, an echo, or a kindle. We love our kindles! They have an amazing array of content fit for the whole family.

Another family favorite is our Fire Stick. We love that you can get access to Prime, Netflix, and other streaming content with a handy remote.

This 3rd Gen. Echo can help keep Dad in his favorite tunes, or add items to his grocery list just with a voice command. Any devices synced to the device are also at his command.

The newer Kindles have a vast library of content for the taking – access the internet, check your e mail, or read a book on this light weight and long life tablet.

Stay in touch with Grandma or just add items to your grocery list with the Echo Show.

The Chef Dad

Does the Dad in your life like to spend quality time in the kitchen? The items below are going to elevate his time in the heart of the house to make him feel like a professional. From frosty cold brews (root beer would be great in these too…) to gourmet specialties, these picks are perfect!

I never thought I would pay this much for a coffee maker, but I’m so glad I did. We have this Keurig Duo and LOVE it. Make a cup or a pot of your favorite brew.

Another item I can’t live without in my kitchen is this OXO Mandolin. I love mine – from a nice thin slice to julienne strips, this little guy does it all.

This meat thermometer will help him grill to perfection every time. Leave the guess work out of the difference between medium and medium well. Your burgers and chicken will never be dry and tasteless again.

This Microplane is one of the most versatile objects in my kitchen. It zests, grates, and finishes dishes to perfection. Use it with citrus zest, grating chocolate, or hard cheeses.

The Snappy Dresser

If your Dad likes to make an impression, these products are your new go-tos to make him smile. Skin care to grooming, these items will have him looking his best at home and at the office (when he can go back…).

If skin care is Dad’s thing, these products from Jack Black and Gentleman Jon are sure to be a hit.

Help Dad look his best between visits to the Barber with a multi head grooming kit and beard kit.

Dad will always look sharp with a pop color to help him stand out from the crowd.

The Traveling Dad

Does Dad travel a lot? These are some tried and true gifts that will remind him how much you love him, even when he is on the road. I personally own the travel cubes (these will change your traveling life!), the power chord, and the luggage scale and would never travel without them again – especially overseas where budget airlines don’t play with the size and weight of your bag.

I don’t travel at all without my handy travel cubes. These little guys are cheap and light weight and keep everything organized and together in your bag. You can shift between day and night, casual and formal with just a zip of the cube and your clothes stay together and less wrinkled.

I learned my lesson long ago not to “eyeball” it when traveling overseas. Never guess again with this light weight, handy digital scale. It tucks into your bag until you need it, then helps you avoid tons of fees.

I can’t tell you how many headaches traveling (especially when I travel for work) can cause if you can’t charge your electronics. This handy device will mean you only need to pack one converter and this multi plug to be in business anywhere you roam.

This Turtle neck pillow is adjustable and fits to the neck unlike those pesky horseshoe shaped pillows you pick up at the airport. This particular pillow has a Velcro closure that wraps around the neck to keep the pillow in place for the best sleep possible on the train, plane, or in the car.

The Outdoor Dad

Does Dad like to spend his down time tinkering in the yard, or playing with Fido? I’ve got you covered there too!

We get a lot of use out of our back deck in the summer, and these solar lights and bug zapper would sure make it more enjoyable in the evenings.

Yard games are all the rage this year, especially with many families continuing to social distance. These mega Jenga and connect four games are fun for the whole family.

If dad is a camping fan, this collapsible rocking chair could be perfect for nights by the fire.

No matter what you decide to get for Dad this year, be sure to tell him you love him, give him a big hug, and make him feel special. As much as I love how great of a dad Papa Bear is to our little cubs, I would give my right pinky finger to hug my own dad again. It is hard to believe it has been almost 20 years since I have been able to do that. Make sure that the celebration centers around your appreciation for him, and time spent – not the gift itself.

What are you getting Dad this year?

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