Ultimate Halloween Playlist
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13 Days of Halloween: Ultimate Halloween Playlist

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Ok, some of these are a little hokey, but I love them.  I usually have them on my playlist to play while we are out trick or treating.  I also start to get a little too into the holiday a few days before and play it in the car on the way to school with the kids, groceries, errands, and maybe a little by myself too.  Most of these songs are kid friendly and no that spooky, the caveat being the Halloween sound track with the chains and such.  I tend to stay away from that one until we are ready for trick or treating to start.


  1. Monster Mash

Who doesn’t love this song.  You don’t have to admit it, I know you do.  What a great song to have at a kids Halloween party.  Who wouldn’t love to see the tinies cut a rug in their mummy and vampire costumes to the tune of this old standby.

Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  1. Purple People Eater

What an odd song this is!  I used to dance to this when I was in college and worked as a clown and children’s’ character at birthday parties.  The kids always loved it!  The upbeat and kooky tune along with the off beat lyrics make this a favorite all year round!

  1. This Is Halloween

You didn’t think I could leave out the Nightmare Before Christmas did you?  What an odd and funny little holiday mash up movie.  I wonder what Christmas in the Tim Burton household looks like?  I’m willing to bet money that his is different than mine…  Join in with the Pumpkin King himself and let your hair down!

Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  1. Superstition

Ok, while not a classically known as a Halloween song, this is still a great fit for a kid friendly party or play list.  And who doesn’t love those smooth vocals that only Stevie Wonder can provide.

  1. Vampire

This one is a trippy little trek back in time to a musical era that was best heard when one was “relaxed.”  Either way, it is still a fun little tune to kick into the play list for the beat if nothing else.  Don’t listen too closely to the lyrics, they are a mess!

Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  1. Time Warp!

Ok, if you have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, leave my blog now.  I mean it, just go!  Seriously, if you have never seen it, it is an odd little cult classic, and NOT kid friendly, but certainly worth a little time.  If nothing else, for the fascination of “what were they smoking” when they filmed some of these scenes?!?!  Either way, the Time Warp is one of the key songs that has a particular dance and a catchy little tune (the song itself is kid friendly) and actually a lot of fun!

Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  1. Ghostbusters Theme

I used to love that song when I was a kid.  I mean really love it – my favorite part was when you would say “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!”  Great music to trick or treat to, or just jam in the car to on the way to Halloween parties!

Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  1. I Put A Spell On You

This is a great song on any day, but it is especially perfect for Halloween.  Who doesn’t immediately think back to the scene from Hocus Pocus (check out my Hocus Pocus Theme Night here!) when the Sanderson Sisters were singing at the adult Halloween Party and enchanted them all?  That is the first thig that comes to mind when I hear this song.  It is performed by Nina Simone in this clip, and is sultry and seductive!  You may want to put this one on your date night play list too.  Wink, wink.

  1. Werewolves of London

What a great song to walk to.  My youngest is into vampires and werewolves right now (think Super Monsters versions, not the full on ones).  He loves to pretend he is a werewolf and howl at the moon like a mad man.  It is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.  I put this on, and he starts howling and baying like he is about to convert.  Have some fun with this one and let them turn loose!

  1. Thriller!

How could this not by my top pick?  I remember thinking how cool I was when I would skate around to this at the skating rink in middle school.  Yep, I was one of those kids.  So freaking awkward, my adolescences could have been its own horror story. Oh well, who’s couldn’t fit into that category.  The kids love this song and love to dance to it.  Let the little watch the video and see if they too can do the zombie dance – and have your camera ready – its pretty funny!

Ultimate Halloween Playlist


This little stroll through Halloweens past was kind of fun!  I love being able to share some of the songs I loved as a kid with my own children, especially compared to some of the listening options on the radio these days.  Make your Halloween extra musical by playing your playlist while you are strolling around your neighborhood.

What songs are on your ultimate Halloween Play List?



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