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The Laundry Never Ends!

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I am finally getting caught up on organizing for the week. I shared my weekend routine about meal planning and meal prep in a previous post. Now let’s get down and dirty with the laundry. Papa Bear is really good about doing his own laundry. He even helps with washing the tinies. I am usually the one that puts it away, organizes it for the next week, and of course, I do my own.
I don’t know what it is like at your house, but Tiny thinks that she needs costume changes on the daily. Teeny is potty training, so there is never a shortage of laundry to wade through. When Tiny started to go to school every day, the need to organize her outfits became apparent. Because I taught night classes at the time – then had an hour commute, I was exhausted by the time I got home. Organizing outfits for the next day was not something that was working out well for me – and the domino effect was chaos.
One day in Target (I do love some Target) I happened to walk by the isle that had closet organizers and realized that there were six cubbies. One for each school day and one for Saturday and Sunday. Perfection! I immediately bought one and put it in my closet. I have abused this poor thing for about six years now – I’m going to have to retire it soon and get another one. Pay no attention to the obsessive collection of blazers and sweaters to the left – and yes, there is one with silver sequins, I do wear it, and I ROCK it! Don’t hate because you aren’t that cool. 🙂 If you think that is loud, you should see flats I pair it with. They need a volume control of their own…


Now, usually on Sunday, I do all the laundry and organize the kids outfits for the week – all at once. Tiny has a uniform policy at her school, but teeny is free to wear anything – if he had his choice, it would be his batman pjs, but no luck for him. We do two complete outfits – one for Tiny and one for Teeny in each cubby with two in the last cubby for the weekend.
As an aside, I LOVE that tiny’s school uses uniforms – it really helps with the negotiations of what to wear vs. what is not appropriate for school. The only struggle we have now is when she can wear skirts with leggings and when she has to wear pants because of the weather. “But I don’t like pants, I look like a boy!” God bless my little glitter loving, dress wearing, prissy little girl! I swear the tea parties and glitter have made me one happy Momma. The make up years are going to be fun.
Papa Bear once went to the doctor and during the exam the doctor stopped and said “do you know you have glitter in your ear?” Well, of course he did – there was a Disney Princess period where we all looked like disco balls. Ha ha ha.
I hope my weekly laundry routine helps you a bit, we can all use anything that will make our mornings run a little smoother. Getting the man cub to keep his clothes on is another story for another day. If you want to know what it feels like to wrestle a crocodile, try to dress a three year old that doesn’t want to wear pants and really loves to show off his Superman man panties. I mean really loves to show them off. So, happy crocodile wrestling, it’s a jungle out in Mommy land!
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